Thursday 16 January 2020
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National anthems with Lebanese School for the Blind & the Deaf
Welcome speech:
- Basma Frangieh, President and Co-founder of T.I.E.S
- Yousif Asfour, Chief Information Officer, American University of Beirut


Guest Speaker: Teacher Dispositions that support successful Inclusive and Equitable Education for All
Speaker: Robert White (Professor Educational Leader; Director of EdD Executive Leadership Department, Le Moyne College; International Coordinator, Inclusion and Equity UNESCO Teacher Task Force, Member of the Scientific Committee of T.I.E.S)
Moderator: Dalal Moukarzel (Dean of the Faculty of Information & Communication, Antonine University, Lebanon)

- Break
A Braille and assistive technology workshop will be held throughout the morning by the Lebanese School for the Blind & the Deaf, Baabda

Parallel paper sessions
Session 1: The Lebanese school: from words to acts
Moderator: Reem Mouawad (President of Step Together Association, Lecturer at AUB and LAU, Lebanon)
- Asma Azar and Viviane Bou Sreih (Université Saint-Joseph, Lebanon):
The Lebanese inclusive school: reality, challenges and issues
- Basma Frangieh (T.I.E.S, Lebanon) and Joumana Akiki (Lebanese University, Lebanon and member of the Scientific Committee of T.I.E.S):
Conceptual representations of inclusive school among teachers and school principals
- Asma Tillawi (Lebanese University, Lebanon):
Inclusive Education in Lebanon: Conceptions and Challenges through the Eyes Schoolteachers
- Khadija Latreche (Mohamed Khider University, Biskra):
Teachers’ Attitude towards Adopting Inclusive Education in Algerian Middle Schools: The Case of Pre-service Middle School Teachers at the Higher Teacher Training School of Constantine

Session 2: Inclusive diversities and practices: Lebanese field experiences
Moderator: Nidal Jouni (Lecturer, University of Sciences and Arts, Lebanon)
- Shaza Ismail (Al-Mabarrat Association, Lebanon):
It is Their Future: Self-Determination and Inclusive Education
- Nabil Costa (SKILD center, Lebanon):
Toward Inclusive Learning Communities in Lebanon
- Mira Alameddine (University of Science and Arts in Lebanon, Lebanon):
Accommodating Twice-Exceptional Learner: A Case Study
- Rasha Mashmoushi (American University of Beirut, Lebanon):
Neuropsychological Assessment Within Our Schools' Context

- Lunch
- Parallel workshops
Workshop 1: Inclusion at the Secondary Level
Presenter: Kenneth Reimer (Acting Associate Dean, Assistant Professor - Faculty of Education University of Winnipeg, Canada)

Workshop 2: Training at and for inclusive school
Presenter: Serge Thomazet (Associate researcher, Laboratory ACTé Clermont-Auvergne University, France and member of the scientific committee of member T.I.E.S)
- Parallel paper sessions
Session 3: From school to employment
Moderator: Rana Rihan (Head of Special Education Department at Al Rahmeh High School, Lebanon)
- Samer Sfeir (ProAbled, Lebanon):
Employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth with disabilities in Lebanon
- Elie Matta (ProAbled, Lebanon):
ProAbled Online Tool for Inclusive Recruitment
- Suzanne Kahale and Rima El Soueidi (Lebanese University, Lebanon):
The role of Physical and Sports Education in the social inclusion of obese learners

Session 4: Schooling
Moderator: Fadi El Halabi (Couples and Adults Counselor, Executive Director of EDAN - Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network, Lebanon)
- Pia Zeinoun and Zein Mallouk (American University of Beirut, Lebanon):
Willingness to provide accommodations to students with disabilities: predictors and correlates among AUB faculty
- Nidal Jouni (University of Sciences and Arts, Lebanon):
The Impact of Inclusion on the Performance of the Students with and without Special Educational Needs
- Itab Shuayb (American University of Beirut, Lebanon):
Inclusive Universities: Applying Inclusive design principles on teaching and learning methods
- Coffee break
- Summary of the two workshops
Time Table for Thursday
Friday 17 January 2020
Time Description
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Opening session 2: The Paradoxical Relationship between Inclusive Education and the Lebanese Law for Individuals with Disabilities
Speaker: Anies Al-Hroub (Associate Professor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
Moderator: Fadi Halabi (Couples and Adults Counselor, Executive Director of EDAN - Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network, Lebanon)

- Animation (Father Roberts Institute for Deaf, Lebanon)
- Break
- Parallel workshops
Workshop 3: Promote a more inclusive assessment: what, why and how?
Presentor: Nicole Monney (Professor at Université du Québec at Chicoutimi, Canada and member of the scientific committee of T.I.E.S)

Workshop 4: Universal Design for Learning: Enabling Inclusion Through Assistive Technologies
Presenters: Rana Al Ghazzi (Instructional designer, American University of Beirut, Lebanon) and Rayane Fayed (Digital learning manager, American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Parallel paper sessions
Session 5: Individualization of educational pathways
Moderator: Najla Mazeh (Instructor, Lebanese University, Lebanon)
- Asma Azar (Université Saint-Joseph, Lebanon):
The individualized educational program: What practices in Lebanese inclusive schools?
- Joumana Akiki (Lebanese University, Lebanon and member of the Scientific Committee of T.I.E.S):
The schooling of heroes with special educational needs in children's literature albums in Arabic language
- Farah Baraké (Lebanese University, Lebanon), Maya Khayat (Azm School, Lebanon):
Teaching metacognitive strategies for better problem solving among students with learning difficulties

Session 6: Diversity and inclusive practices: Field experiences from around the world
Moderator: Kenneth Reimer (Acting Associate Dean, Assistant Professor - Faculty of Education University of Winnipeg, Canada)
- Rusconi Laura and Michele Mainardi (SUPSI, Dipartimento Formazione Apprendimento. Locarno, Switzerland):
Diversities: let's talk about! Tools for a cultural approach to inclusion in school for all
- Sharaf al Faqawi, Rinda Saleh and Yahoko Asai (Humanity & Inclusion, Jordan):
Piloting participative tool to improve schools' inclusiveness in Gaza and West Bank
- Malak Fakhreddine (UNRWA, Lebanon):
An Inclusive Approach to the Provision of Education for Palestine Refugee Children

- Lunch
- Panel discussion: Importance of partnership with parents and associations in Lebanon
Presenter: Sr Patrice Moussallem, PhD, Director of Father Roberts Institute
- Father Roberts Institute
- Institut de Rééducation Audio-Phonétique (IRAP)
- Oasis de la joie
- Step Together Association

- Closure of the conference
Time Table for Friday

Zalka, Matn District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Saydeh street, Samarani Tower building, 5th floor.

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