Inclusive education in the Lebanese education system

A series of seminars entitled "Inclusive education in the Lebanese education system" were conducted by T.I.E.S in six regional centers of the Center for Educational Research and Development – Lebanon: Baalbeck, Sin El Fil, Saida, Tripoli, Aley and Jounieh. They were addressed to the school principals, teachers, supervisors and specialized teachers. These seminars, based on the Guide for ensuring inclusion and Equity in Education (UNESCO, 2017), took place in June and July 2019.

Objectives of the seminar
  • Clarify concepts and principles related to inclusive education;
  • Analyze the legal and regulatory framework related to inclusive education;
  • Present the transition from separate to inclusive education;
  • Develop an understanding of the challenges of inclusive practice.

Zalka, Matn District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Saydeh street, Samarani Tower building, 5th floor.

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