General Assembly

The General Assembly includes all members affiliated to the NGO. Its responsibilities are as follows:
  • decides on the admission or exclusion of members;
  • elects the members of the Committee and appoints at least one president, one secretary and one treasurer;
  • reviews the reports and accounts for the financial year and votes on their approval;
  • approves the annual budget;
  • controls the activity of the other organs that it may revoke for impartial cause;
  • appoint an auditor(s) to the accounts;
  • sets the amount of annual contributions;
  • decides on any amendment to the Articles of Association;
  • decides on the dissolution of the NGO.

Our resources

The NGO's resources come from:

  • income from projects carried out by T.I.E.S;
  • donations;
  • public and private subsidies;
  • grants and support from humanitarian institutions and local and international charities;
  • contributions paid by members;
  • any other resource authorized by law.

The funds are used in accordance with the social purpose of the NGO.

Board of Directors

It is composed of three to eleven members elected by a majority vote of the General Assembly for a renewable two-year term. Exceptionally, the founders will assume the mandate of the NGO's Board of Directors for one year from the date of its official registration. The Board of Directors may set up permanent or ad hoc committees according to the needs of the NGO's activities.

Final provisions

In the event of dissolution of T.I.E.S., the available assets will be entirely allocated to an institution pursuing a purpose of public interest similar to that of the NGO T.I.E.S. Under no circumstances may the assets return to the physical founders or members, nor be used for their benefit in whole or in part and in any manner whatsoever.


Zalka, Matn District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Saydeh street, Samarani Tower building, 5th floor.

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