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"We did not seek to organize yet another conference, but rather to contribute to the development of our country at a crucial time. Indeed, we are called upon to take a break to rethink our education system and, beyond that, an inclusive society in order to adapt it to the needs and expectations of all learners. In this context, we are convinced of the importance of scientific research in the implementation of inclusive education and of the role that this research must play in the improvement of our education system.

Together for Inclusive Educational Systems for a better world.”

– Dr. Basma Frangieh, Founding member and President of T.I.E.S

Our Story

REACH, is a T.I.E.S initiative in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology (IT), and the Education Department at AUB to open the doors of inclusive education for all. REACH covers concepts, policy declarations, structures and systems, and practices related to inclusive education. It also reflects on the impact that technology has on inclusive education.

REACH Objectives

  • Clarify basic concepts and principles related to inclusive education;
  • Question the relevance of the concepts to local realities, and enrich or adapt this conceptual field accordingly;
  • Analyze the legal and regulatory framework related to inclusive education in order to propose adaptations or modifications;
  • Identify the issues and challenges of the transition from segregated to inclusive education;
  • Define the role of technology in inclusive education;
  • Develop priorities for inclusive practice;
  • Collect data related to the reality and needs of education stakeholders.

Our partners

T.I.E.S (Together for Inclusive Educational Systems) NGO,
American University of Beirut - AUB

Our sponsors


Zalka, Matn District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Saydeh street, Samarani Tower building, 5th floor.

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